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Friday, October 1, 2021

Submit Your Article


Did you think that your one article can resolve the problems and confusions of many people? If not, then think about this right now and submit your original write up on We will show your articles to the world.

What is The Red Carpet?

  • In the world of online news, media and huge numbers of websites there are a lot of facts which are rounding here and there but there is a huge lack of opinions about those particular facts. Facts without considerations create confusion and joggle you toward manufactured decisions of fact makers. If you know that there can be many opinions about a single fact and your opinion gives you the best objective about what result you should perceive  from a particular fact or incident.

  • We here, on The Red Carpet, bring many opinions for you from different points of views about each fact which is a great need of the moment. If we want to get better results, better selection from available options then there is a way to make possible output by making opinions wider about products, markets, politics, economies, society, environment and about your favorite personalities from entertainment and political sphere also.

  • There is a story behind the evolution of The Red Carpet as an opinion platform. The base of the thing is that there is no limit of thinking and getting an output from thoughts. What average people do every time that when they get a fact, they draw a result or judgment first which seems to suit best for their interest and after getting a judgment already they start to perform an operation of facts in search of angles for their thoughts. Which is nothing else of time wasting and at the end they get the result which they have decided already without any new point of view or option. Hence there are plenty of chances of jotting down on unsuccessful results or selection of direction. 

  • Here, the red color in The Red Carpet indicates a caution for being judgmental without having different opinions for available facts and the carpet shows a plain and different edges of vastness. We believe in mental independence as well as physical. We don’t believe in imposing thoughts on self-sufficient minds. Hence, we are making the way ahead of opinions so that independent minds like you can express yourself in different corners and can make better findings for your selections in every aspect of life by taking ideas from these opinions in your path moves. We are always here with the small contribution for our society by achieving an oath of pronouncement - “GROW OPINIONS, BE WIDER AND WIN THE OPTIONS” and we encourage you to participate in our tenacious and substantial mission because "YOUR OPINION MATTERS".

Submission Guidelines


  • Any person and every person who wants to submit an article on any topic of their choice which meets the below-mentioned criteria are eligible to submit the article.


  • Submissions on any topic which have been searched on the blog and are not already exhaustively mentioned on the blog would be accepted. We would consider articles on any industry, career, any profession, school life, news, innovation, etc.

Word Limit 

  • The article should be a minimum of 1000 words (there is no maximum word limit, while it is best if all relevant points considering the title are mentioned in the article).


Hindi or English

Assessment criteria

  • The article should meet professional standards and be of publishable quality.

  • Any plagiarism will make the article non-publishable on the iPleaders blog and thus, they would be rejected.

  • The content shouldn’t be too dense/ technical for a reader. The concepts and views covered in the content should be easily understandable and mentioned in the simplest yet grammatically correct form.

  • Content should not be ambiguous or should not have multiple meanings. We hate vague writing.

  • It should be detailed and exhaustive. Answer all the questions that may come to one’s mind regarding the topic. However, do not deviate and write irrelevant things to make up the word count. Content needs to be genuine and strictly relevant.

  • Information and facts should be accurate. Relevant sources referred to must be mentioned everywhere and in case of legal cases, it must have citations. If this criterion is not met, we cannot select your article.

  • You have to be straight to the point and precise with various views that could be possible. No beating around the bush.

  • The idea should be communicated clearly and distinctly.

  • There must be sufficient examples. We would appreciate it if there are accompanying PPTs, videos, tables, charts, infographics, etc. to explain the concept completely. Please do not violate someone else’s copyright for this. That would get you disqualified.

  • Inconsistent technical terms should not be used in the document.

  • Acronyms used in the articles should be explained.

  • Important points should be properly highlighted, and the paragraphs should have proper headings and subheadings. More headings and subheadings and bullet points you put, the better chance of winning, because we love well-structured articles. 

  • Information should not be repetitive.

  • You should avoid over-exaggeration or over-explanation of concepts.  

  • The article should be in a proper flow. Paragraphs/ sentences/ headings/ sub-headings (select as appropriate) should be connected with the previous and subsequent paragraph/ sentence/ heading/ sub-heading (select as appropriate).

  • Sentences and bullet points should be complete sentences.  

  • All the sources or statutory instruments of information should be hyperlinked. Non-functional/ not updated to the latest links should not be inserted.

Note: Hyperlinks are to be like this: Reference/ Source 1 (see here) or in the report by Reference/ Source 2 (see here). 

[Ctrl + Shift + K is the Google Keyboard Shortcut for inserting a hyperlink].

  • All the sources of the information should be acknowledged and hyperlinked to the same.

  • Heading should not be marked as subheadings (and vice-versa).

  • Unoriginal content shall be unacceptable.

  • Formatting standards should be followed.

  • Editors discretion is final regarding publication of articles.

How to submit?

Click here to submit your article.

Points to keep in mind regarding the format of the blog

  • Headings: Font Size 16, BOLD

  • Sub Headings: Font Size 14, BOLD ITALIC

  • Content: Font Size 12, NORMAL

  • Font: Times New Roman

  • Line Spacing (main text): 1.15

  • References: You have to mention all the sources you referred to while writing the article.

  • References (formatting): Font Size 10, NORMAL

  • Line Spacing (References): 1.0

  • Margins: 2″ on each side

  • Structure of the article should be well constructed.

  • The article should be exhaustive in itself to provide every necessary information to the reader regarding the topic.

  • The article should be logically and creatively written.

  • Grammar and concept should be correct. (We recommend the authors to run the articles through the Grammar checking tools before submitting them)

  • Articles submitted should be original and unpublished. (Articles having more than 20% unoriginal content will be rejected).

  • Should be submitted on an exclusive basis.

  • The topic should be creative in itself.


    *You will get a certificate of appreciation and recommendation letter for your published articles. In addition, you will get Rs 1000 if your 100 articles in a month are published successfully on the blog.

Exclusive license

  • By submitting your article, you are giving exclusive and unlimited license, without any restriction of time or geographical restriction, to publish your article on The Red Carpet blog, as well as any other compendium where we may like to publish it. However, if we do not publish your article within 30 days of submission, we would have no rights to your article, and you would be free to publish it elsewhere or use it as you deem fit. However, if we publish it, you will not attempt to publish the same article/content anywhere else.


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